Live Individual Sessions

How Will This Help You?

LIVE virtual lessons are cost effective way to discuss your dog’s behavior, create a training plan and identify success. 

How Long Will It Take?

Dogs are individuals, it’s impossible to promise a specific timeline. With that said, many clients notice a major difference in their dog’s behavior after one consultation. 

  • Initial consultations works best to answer questions, concerns and need to change behaviors that recently developed.
  • 1 follow up, plus an initial consultation works great create a behavior modification plan that usually takes 4-6 weeks to change behavior.

Cooper is doing so great now! He’ll even skid to a stop right before a toy if I say ‘leave it!’ (No more resource guarding!) We have been able to go on whole walks without barking & pulling after other dogs. And while that’s still ‘in progress’ – it’s so much better! Thank you again for teaching me how to ‘talk’ to Cooper and understand his world. It has made such a huge difference!