Virtual Consultations

Due to COVID-19, we can only offer virtual consults now.

While Fanna mostly sees separtion anxiety clients, she still welcomes new clients, with dogs, that display reactivity, aggression, overly excited dogs, resource guarding and fearful behavior. She has decades of experience in this area.

Do Virtual Consultations Work?

It’s amazing what we can cover and address during a virtual consultation. As a seasoned dog trainer, Fanna doesn’t need to see your dog in person or the inappropriate behavior to quickly recommend behavior protocols. Plus, virtual consultations are cost effective too!

  • Virtual Chats: $155 (1 hour)

Clients will receive 4 weeks of detailed homework and a Medication for Behavior Consultation Report for your veterinarian (if needed). Many clients have successful results after one virtual lesson.


Cooper is doing so great now! He’ll even skid to a stop right before a toy if I say ‘leave it!’¬†(No more resource guarding!) We have been able to go on whole walks without barking & pulling after other dogs. And while that’s still ‘in progress’ – it’s so much better! Thank you again for teaching me how to ‘talk’ to Cooper and understand his world. It has made such a huge difference!