LIVE Virtual Training

It’s amazing what we can cover and address during an online training session. As experienced and certified dog trainers and behavior consultants, we doesn’t need to watch your dog practicing an inappropriate behavior in person or virutally. We understand how to quickly change your dog’s behavior with appropriate modification protocols, management and tools.

Choose Your Trainer

Fanna Easter 

While Fanna mostly sees separation anxiety clients, she still welcomes new clients, with dogs, that display canine complusive disorders, human or dog reactivity, aggression, overly excited dogs, resource guarding and fearful behavior. She has decades of experience in this area and is offering online training only, with extremely limited in home consultations.

Jenelle Bell

Jenelle is accepting online and in person training consultations for dogs displaying human or dog reacitivty, fear, aggressive behaviors (such as resource guarding), inter home dog aggression or easily excited behavior. Jenelle has years of experience.


What’s Behaviors Are Covered?

LIVE virtual lessons are extremely effective for dogs with resource guarding, dog reactivty, human reactivty, aggression, complusive disorders, and fearful behaviors. At Positive Pooch Behavior, we provide great results for difficult behaviors.

How Long Will It Take?

Dogs are individuals, it’s impossible to promise a specific timeline. Choosing which protocol works best for you depends on your concerns, level of support needed, and where your dog will practice these behaviors.

Basically, it depends! With that said, many clients notice a major difference in their dog’s behavior after one consultation. 

  • Inital consultations work well if you have questions, concerns and need to change sudden behaviors that recently developed.
  • 1 follow up, plus an intial consultation, works best for behavior modification plan that usually takes 4-6weeks to complete. After 4-6 weeks, we will follow up.
  • 2 follow ups, plus an inital consultation, works great when the behavior needs to be practicied around other dogs/ people and additional modification steps are needed to continue progress.

Many times, we offer group classes that can continue your dog’s progress around other dogs and people. Group classes are taught at Veterinary Behavior Solutions.




Cooper is doing so great now! He’ll even skid to a stop right before a toy if I say ‘leave it!’ (No more resource guarding!) We have been able to go on whole walks without barking & pulling after other dogs. And while that’s still ‘in progress’ – it’s so much better! Thank you again for teaching me how to ‘talk’ to Cooper and understand his world. It has made such a huge difference!