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At Positive Pooch Behavior, we offer safe and effective solutions for separation anxiety, compulsive disorders, resource guarding and easily excited dogs (even the most difficult cases).

We strive to remain within the top tiered national and international dog trainers, which means earning highly respected animal behavior certifications within our specialty and completing yearly continuing education with national organizations.

We only use evidence based and effective positive training protocols.

Compulsive Disorder 4 Week Program

There is help!

We specialize in abnormal repetitive behavior (also considered compulsive disorders)! With the help of a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant using an extremely effective and safe 4-week treatment protocol, we can help change your dog’s behavior. 


Separation Anxiety 4 Week Package

Yes, it IS fixable!

Separation anxiety is a medical disorder. When home alone, a dog panics because he/she doesn’t know what to do when home alone. As a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), we’ve successfully helped hundreds of dogs learn how to be home alone.

We offer two packages depending on you and your dog’s needs.

Individual Sessions

Flexible solutions available!

Individual sessions offer flexible solutions without committing to a 4-week package. These sessions work great for resource guarding, easily excitable dogs and compulsive disorders. With the help of a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, we’ll create a safe and effective training plan for your dog’s needs.


IT’S A MIRACLE AND I’M SO HAPPY! Arley is doing great, she’s seriously like a different dog! I seriously am so ecstatic that I can leave her out, she’s not destructive and hasn’t been anxious!

I am leaving her out every time I leave the house, including when I go to work, and she’s being so good!!! Today I left and watched her on the camera and she knows when I’m in scrubs I’m going to work..She just watched me from her dog bed didn’t even get up when I left for the day!


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Offering evidence based and effective positive training for separation anxiety, compulsive disorders, resource guarding and easily excited dogs.

Accepting clients all over the US.

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