Our Promise

We treat clients like family.

During consultations, there’s no judgment, we strive to set each pet parent and their dog up for success while creating a positive and lasting bond. We will motivate both pet parent and dog through the process, celebrate wins with the happy dance, and help you and your dog reach your training goals, all while having a ton of fun.





My husband asked me recently, “Where would we be if we hadn’t met Fanna?”  I can honestly answer, “I have no idea.”  When we met Fanna Easter we were frazzled puppy parents.  Our pair of 4 month old English bulldog puppies, Winston and Lizzie, were not getting along with each other.  And when they started becoming fearful of strangers, other dogs, and random objects around our house we knew we needed the help of an expert.  One of the things we admire most about Fanna is that she is a “people person” as much as she is a “dog person”.  During our initial consultation she was empathetic and never judgmental.  Her knowledge, intelligence, and skill were obvious from the start.  Fanna provided us with a training and behavior modification plan that we could implement immediately.   These exercises helped us build confidence and coping skills in our fearful dogs.  Our Little Lizzie now happily participates in group classes and is working on her M.A. in the APDT My Dog Has Class program.  

Did I mention that before working with Fanna we were twice kicked out of puppy school?   Winston has participated in Nose Games classes and now loves having company visit our home.  There is no more fence fighting with the neighbor’s dog.  There is no more growling at guests in our home.  Our dogs can now get along with each other and enjoy tug, chase, and wrestling each other on the sofa.  It’s for all these reasons, and so many more, that we enthusiastically recommend Fanna to anyone whose dog is fearful, anxious, or easily excitable.