Why Choose This Course?

Pet sitters learn how to become a valuable part of a dog’s behavior modification team!

Created by Fanna Easter, an industry expert, with extensive experience creating thorough programs for dog trainers (check out her bio!)

In this course, reactive dog behavior is explained in easy to understand terms with clear instructions on improving behavior while pet sitting. When behavior does not improve, students are pointed to safe knowledgeable experts.

10 modules, over 55 lessons. Instruction, video, demos and inforgraphics.

Cost: $105 (introductory price. Regular price $199)


Filled with written instruction, video explanations, video demos and infographics. Once this course is completed, you have learned skills and knowledge to pet sit reactive dogs while improving behavior.

  • Deep dive into interpreting dog body language
  • What is a reactive dog
  • Aggression and how to prevent
  • Importance of human body language
  • How dog’s learn
  • How to improve behavior during pet sitting
  • Measuring success
  • Day Visits
    • Entering a home
    • Crating
    • Hiding dog
    • Moving through the home easily
    • Come Inside, please!
  • Overnight Visits
    • Sleeping arrangements
    • Opps, dog growled at me!
    • Giving medications
    • Trade for resources. 


  • Walking a Reactive Dog
    • Avoiding dogs & people
    • Yikes, loose dog!
    • Escaping a scary situation
    • Equipment
  • Multiple Dog Household Tips
    • Prevent squabbling
  • When to Refer Out
  • Putting It All Together
  • Resources (
    • Fanna’s Favorite Products
    • Recommended reading & resources

and so much more!

How long is this course?

Students have 3 months to complete this course. It’s self paced, which means it can be completed at your own speed, and from anywhere.

Who should take this course?

Anyone that pet sits dogs, regardless of experience, will benefit from this course. Beneficial for pet sitters just starting out and experienced pet sitters interested in brushing up their skills. Not only will this course benefit your clients, but will benefit with your personal dogs too!

When does this course start?

You can start at any time! It’s self paced and open year round.

What training methods are used?

Only force free training training methods are used. Counter conditioning and systemic desensitization protocols are utilized to improve behavior.

Is this a dog trainer course?

No. This course recommends behavior protocols to improve behavior reactive dog behavior during pet sits and walks. This course’s recommended protocols are work best when clients work closely with a certified dog behavior consultant (CDBC). If clients are not working with a CDBC, these protocols will still improve behavior.

Would I learn how to pet sit aggressive dogs too?

No. If a dog has bitten a person, the guardian should be referred to a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), the dog’s personal DVM and Veterinary Behaviorist (VB). This course touches upon dog aggression so pet sitters understand how to prevent it.

I’m a dog trainer and/or Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. Why should I refer my clients to pet sitters, which have completed this course?

This course provides CC and DS protocols to create distance, reward wanted behavior, and continuous measurement of behavior (latency, duration, intensity, frequency). Within each protocol, pet sitters are guided through common pet sitting situations. If needed, they’re advised when to refer out. Pet sitters, which complete this course, will follow your recommended behavior protocol, which improves results.

I’m a dog guardian, why should I choose a pet sitter which completed this course?

Living with a reactive dog is not easy. It’s even tougher finding a pet sitter that can successfully manage a reactive dog when you’re away. Pet sitters, which have graduated this course, understand how to improve and manage reactive dog behavior. This course does not cover human aggression.

Do you accept payment plans?

At this time, no. This low introductory price is for a limited time to gather feedback and improve this course.

I’m not a dog trainer. Should I still complete this course?

Yes! This course is for everyone, regardless of training experience.

Do you offer support if I have questions?

Yes! We offer a closed Facebook group for students and graduates. This is a great place to ask questions and learn from like minded people. Fanna monitors this group closely and offers feedback.