4 Week Package

Watching your dog spin in tight circles, chase shadows, bounce on reflections or is easily excitable can be frustrating.

With the latest research, compulsive disorders fall into abnormal repetitive behaviors. Abnormal repetitive behaviours can be divided into stereotypies and compulsions based on what is repeated. Stereotypies are repetitions of certain motor patterns with no apparent goal or function, whereas compulsions are repetitions of a certain inappropriate goal. Despite the differences, they are often difficult to distinguish.

There is help!

Our leading experts developed an effective 4 week online program designed to decrease or stop these frustrating behaviors. Let’s schedule a 15-20 min discovery call to choose which option works best for your schedule and dog’s behavior.

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Offering evidence based and effective positive training for compulsive disorders, resource guarding and easily excited dogs.

Accepting clients all over the US.

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