Customizable Separation Anxiety Programs

Our protocols address your dog’s separation anxiety from the root of the issue. While some resources mention quick fixes for separation anxiety, please know that these will rarely address the real issue, which is anxiety.

We start with a 30 min phone consultation to discuss your dog’s behavior, recommended behavior modification, answer all questions, discuss our customizable protocols and determine if you and your dog are a good fit for our program. Cost: $45

Separation Anxiety IS Fixable

Why We Are Different

– This is our speciality!

Fanna only works with separation anxiety cases. She has completed a rigorous 3 month course focused on separation anxiety and is now a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT). Malena DeMartini-Price’s program hand selects accomplished dog trainers and teaches them how to successfully resolve even the difficult separation anxiety cases using the most updated protocols.

In 2021, Fanna created Petco’s new Separation Anxiety Course with Petco’s National Manager and Petco Dog Trainers. She expert advised each step for Petco’s new class curricula which provides a safe place for pet parents until they’re able to work directly with a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer.