Separation Anxiety

Fanna has completed a rigorous 3 month course focused on separation anxiety and is now a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT). Malena DeMartini-Price’s program hand selects accomplished dog trainers and teaches them how to successfully resolve even the difficult separation anxiety cases using the most updated protocols.

Because separation anxiety protocols are completed virtually, Fanna works with many clients across the US.  

How Does This Program Work?

Every dog and every situation is different. To successfully address separation anxiety: 

  • We create an individualized program that is specific for you, your dog and home.
  • Use systematic desensitization that introduces your dog to his or her fear in tiny doses.
  • With your daily observations and feedback, we will create your dog’s next daily mission.

What’s Included In Our Separation Anxiety 4 Week Package:

  • 1 initial assessment
  • 4 weeks of daily individualized protocols (called missions) for your dog (5 daily mission per week)
  • 4 weekly assessments to look for and address any sticky point to ensure success. (Lasts 30 mins to 1 hour)
  •  2-3 hours of one on one time with us weekly.

Cost: $135 per week (4 week minimum)

Ready For Relief? We Can Help

Private Lessons

At Positive Pooch Dog Training & Behavior, our job is to make dog training easy and convenient. Private lessons completely customizable; we can mix and match a variety of services depending on your dog’s needs and your work schedule. During our first in person private lesson, we can put together a plan for you and your dog. First consultations usually last 1.5 hours, and follow up lessons last an hour (price will be prorated if less than an hour)

We offer plenty of options, such as in-home lessons and off property field trips. Currently, our service area covers White Rock Lake, Uptown and Downtown Dallas TX areas. On Sundays and Thursdays, Fanna offers private lessons at Veterinary Behaviors Solutions- The Training Studio in Carrollton, TX.

 Private Lesson Prices: 

  • Initial Private Consultation: $185 (1- 1 and half hours)
  • Follow Private Lessons: $125 (1 hour)
  • Depending on your location, there may be an additional “drive fee” (~$25) 

Due to our limited service area, please email us directly to schedule.



Virtual Consultations

It’s amazing what we can cover and address during a virtual consultation. As a seasoned dog trainer, Fanna doesn’t need to see your dog in person to quicky recommend behavior protocols. Plus, virtual consultations are cost effective too!

  • Virtual Chats: $75 (1 hour)


What To Expect During A  Consultation

All consultations will focus on you and your dog’s needs, we can cover any questions, concerns and design a training plan together. After each consultation, we will send you additional information pertaining to behaviors taught during your consult.

In home consults:

Most in-person consultations last 1 hour, and it’s the perfect time for us to meet you and your dog and discuss your training goals. There’s certainly a benefit to in home consultations; we are able to observe your dog’s behavior and provide advice in a distraction free environment. Also, it’s a great way to problem solve behaviors that happen only at home.

Off property consults:

This is a great way to practice behaviors around lots of distractions, this is a great way to teach “come”, “loose leash walking”, “look at me”, “strangers make good things happen” and so forth. We will consult with you first, then decide on a safe off property area to meet up and have some fun!

Virtual consults:

With technology, we can successfully and inexpensively address any concerns virtually. With apps, such as Zoom or FaceTime, we can virtaully meet a client and discuss and immediately address any behavior problems quickly. As experienced dog trainers, we don’t need to “see” the issue to successfully create a training plan.

Additionally, virtual consults can:

  • Easily fit into anyone’s schedule
  • We’re able to view the dog in his/her “normal” environment.
  • Eliminate travel time (esp beneficial for dogs that dislike car rides)
  • Less expensive option with certified and experienced dog trainers.