Every dog is different, sometimes you need one on one help in your dog’s environment. We offer in home private consutaltions focusing on fear, aggression, inter dog aggression, resource guarding, easily excited dogs or puppy/ adult dog manners.
During your first 50-60 minute private consult, we will discuss your dog’s history, goals and get busy changing your dog’s behavior. You’ll receive a step by step behavior modification plan and understand how to ensure your dog progresses. Because environmental factors can change, we offer email follow after a private lesson. After 4-6 weeks of practicing, it’s best to schedule another in person or online private consult to progresses continues.

Cost: $185 for initial consultation. $150 an hour for additional sessions

Travel fees: Initial consult & follow up consultations include travel within 15 miles of the Dallas – White Rock Lake area. 

*Any additional travel is billed at $15 per each additional 5 miles (Per session).

Get Started
First, we want to speak with you! It’s so important to chat with you first, we want to hear exactly what is going on and explain how we can help. To ensure you have our undivided attention, please schedule a 30 min free discovery call.

Who Long Will It Take?

Dogs are individuals, it’s impossible to promise a specific timeline. We start with an inital consultation and provide a behavior modification plan that usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete. Once successfully completed, we follow up with another consultation to practice the behavior around other dogs/ people and provide additional modification steps to continue progress. Many times, we offer group classes that can continue your dog’s progress around other dogs and people. Basically, it depends! Many clients notice a major difference in their dog’s behavior after one consultation.